Frequently Asked Questions About Magellan

In the treatment of vampire facelift, the total procedure time of the blood collection, skin cleansing, local anesthesia, mesotherapy and dermapen stages is 60 - 75 minutes.

There is minimal pain during the procedures.

Vampire facelift is done in 1 hour and the effects are as follows

     Volume loss in the skin is eliminated.
     Skin color is equalized.
     Skin sagging is reduced.
     The skin is cleaned from old and dead tissues.
     Repair and regeneration of skin tissue begins.
     The aesthetic appearance of the face is regulated.
     Oil, blackheads and spots are removed.

The first effects begin immediately, but the skin renewal and repair continues for 2 months.

Hyaluronic acid provides the most aesthetic appearance of the face without resorting to surgical methods.
    Vitamins and anti-aging cocktails are placed under the skin with mesotherapy method.
    With dermapen and mesotherapy, vitamins, minerals, platelets and anti-aging cocktails are spread throughout the skin.
    Dermapen treatment provides micro-wounding in a controlled manner throughout the skin.

At the end of the application skin, vitamins, minerals, angi aging products, thrombocytes and hyaluronic acid dermapen and mesotherapy method was gained to the skin with the continuation of the skin regeneration process was started, all the anti-aging products needed by the skin under the skin dermapen skin and the top layer of the skin is replaced with fresh skin tissue arrive.

As a result of the treatment, the skin gets rid of volume losses. The oldest top layer in the volume is replaced. Anti-aging products and vitamins eliminate sagging skin and matte appearance.

With Vampire Facelift treatment, a new fuller, shiny and firmer skin is obtained.

Vampire facelift tedavisi başarılı bir çok tedavinin kişiye özel kombinasyonundan oluşur.

  • Trombositten Zengin Plazma (PRP)
  • Dermapen Tedavisi
  • Anti Aging Kokteylleri
  • Hyalüronik asit
  • Vitamin ve Mineraller
  • Mezoterapi

Treatment begins with blood collection for self-treatment. The collected blood is prepared for treatment by special centrifugation. The treatment area is cleaned and sterilized and the treatment area is prepared. The treatment area is prepared with local anesthesia creams to prevent pain during treatment. Mesotherapy method is applied hyaluronic acid for areas with volume loss in the skin, followed by vitamins, anti-aging cocktails and thrombocytes that provide regeneration obtained from one's own blood and are carefully placed in the skin tissue with dermapen device. Dermapen device with titanium needle tips to create 100,000 micro-wounds on the entire skin, and these injuries occur in all skin tissue vitamins, anti-aging cocktails and platelets are fed and starts the process of skin renewal.

Vampire facelift has become indispensable for many famous names. There are many famous names such as Kim Kardashian, Gisele Bündchen, Bar Rafaeli and the most famous ones among the regulars.

The overall treatment is the same for all but changes can be made to the individual treatment content. We make anti-aging cocktails and vitamins for your needs and the treatment is not standard for everyone.

Although the treatment is usually done in one session, the session can be repeated if needed.

Minimal pain is felt as the procedure is performed with local anesthesia cream and local anesthesia device.

You can return to your social life immediately after treatment, but your skin will be reddened by mesotherapy and dermapen-induced redness that can be covered with make-up and BB cream.