What Is Magellan Vampire Facelift?

Vampire facelift is an innovative, natural and effective anti-aging method that may not be a risk of allergies because the person's own blood is used. It can be applied as a single session. Its effect can last a long time because it can stimulate and repair the fibroblasts of the skin in the mesenchymal layer, and it can regenerate the muscles and bones with the high platelets and growth factors it contains. Vampire Facelift is an application made using one's own blood. Platelets and growth factors are separated by a special centrifuge with a closed system sensor. In PRP, 600-900 thousand platelets are obtained in cc, while the number of platelets in Vampire Facelift is 6 - 8 million. While a PRP has a maximum of 4-6 times platelets, the Vampire Facelift can increase the average of 24 times. When the growth factors and cytokines it contains are calculated, its therapeutic and regenerative effect may be stronger than a PRP. Vampire Facelift is given to the deep layers of the skin from platelets (RRP) obtained from the patient's own blood. As in PRP, the target is not just skin resurfacing. All layers are targeted: bone, muscle and skin. PRP is applied in the form of deep injection. After micro-needling, PPP is fed to the skin. Vampire Facelift is a natural method of skin rejuvenation and lifting using the person's own blood. The treatment that tightens and tightens the skin tissue can also renew skin, muscles and bones. May reduce the signs of skin aging. It can be effective in repairing sagging, loss of volume, facial features that lose aesthetic appearance and at the same time providing a natural youthful appearance. Vampire Facelift is applied in combination with personalized lifting serums, extracellular matrix crystal collagen, stain-opening serums, vitamins and special anti-aging cocktails that tighten the skin tissue when needed.

What Are The Effects Of Magellan?

It can help to give the face a tight and wrinkle-free appearance. It can improve and polish the skin quality. It can soften and lighten stains. It can recover skin and make it look tense. The skin regeneration process can be initiated with platelets obtained from one's own blood and all the anti-aging needs of the skin may be given under the skin. Rejuvenation may begin and fresh skin tissue will come from the bottom. The volume loss of the patient's skin may have improved after treatment. All layers of the skin can be changed and the skin renewed.

How Long Is Magellan Vampire Facelift Treatment?

In Vampire facelift application, the total procedure time of blood collection, skin cleansing, local anesthesia, mesotherapy and dermapen stages may take approximately 30 minutes. Skin renewal and repair may continue to increase for 2 months. The effect may vary depending on the patient's skin care. The observed effect can be 1-3 years.

How to Apply Magellan Vampire Facelift?

Treatment begins with the person taking 50-60 cc blood for self-treatment. Collected blood is prepared for treatment by centrifugation with MAGELLAN special centrifuge. MAGELLAN is one of the three centrifuges in the world with such a closed system and sensor to a large extent; It is more common than others (Angel, Harvest), not manual but automatic, providing high level and comfort in terms of speed and quality material. The treatment area is cleaned and sterilized and the treatment area is prepared. Local anesthetic creams are sufficient to avoid pain during treatment. Before the intense platelet growth factors obtained from the person's own blood, dermapen is applied or spread to the whole skin tissue by injection micro-needles. Along with multi vitamins, anti-aging cocktails can also be applied. The skin renewal process can begin in all layers of applied skin tissue.