Klass Magazine | With Magellan We Collect the Right Cells We Need

Medical Aesthetic Physician Hüseyin Tırman explained the differences and advantages of Magellan application to Klass …

After graduating from Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Medical Aesthetics Doctor Dr. Dr. Hüseyin Tırman follows up the developments and technologies in Non-Surgical Rejuvenation and offers up-to-date services to his patients who come to his polyclinic. Dr. Magellan, one of the trend applications of recent times, applies the correct decomposition to the areas that the body needs. Hüseyin Tırman, in this way, according to the old system says that patients get more clear results. Dr. Magellan is also effective in many important parts of the body underlining the Medical Aesthetic Physician Dr. We talked with Hüseyin Tırman about the differences and advantages of the application for Klass readers.

“Megellan is a beautiful discovery. It collects intelligent units in our blood, forming a focus group according to which cell and how much it works. He calls and manages cells by sorting out what we need. ”

Hüseyin Bey, you follow the technology closely in the field of non-surgical aesthetics and provide services. First of all, who is Hüseyin Tırman, what kind of services does he provide in his clinic?

1996 I graduated from Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine. From that time onwards, we have been guiding and developing ourselves correctly. We are trying to find solutions to problems that are deteriorating, aging, worn out on our skin and do not require surgery or do not want surgery. Solutions are primarily related to aging symptoms; loosening, sagging, wrinkles, spots, deterioration of the skin, the fulfillment of quality, balancing the strength of the muscles, the completion of the necessary oils, such as the melting of excess excess. In fact, we can respond to the problems and demands of people who cannot be done in beauty salons, do not want surgery and do not have skin diseases. We are working in the middle of the triangle and very fast developments are taking place in our field. In the last 20 years, the life span of people has increased. The whole world is now very much in this direction. Because there is a market that grows 10 times faster than surgeries in non-surgical procedures. People who were 54-55 years old entered direct retirement mode and now 65-year-olds are participating in marathons. In the past, people used to marry at the age of 20 and retire at the age of 45. Now they’re starting to get married when they’re 40-45. In this process, it should look like in 20’s so that they can compete with those in their 20s. 🙂 Of course, people suffer from a lot of trauma, stress and diseases. We doctors are trying to get back their wear. There is a market for cosmetics, supplements and devices. We’re trying to do it all together. We are trying to complete what happens in the systems we use, where there is missing, what the person’s body needs.

Doesn’t the human body regenerate?

The human body is a very intelligent mechanism. When we graduated from the faculty, everything was repaired except for nerve cells. Later we learned that the nerve cells are being repaired. We have our own spare parts and we have a side where we can make our own repairs. When our body finds a damage, it repairs it. He does what he lacks in there. I give a very good example about this; we have skin, subcutaneous, veins, nerves and more importantly fingerprints at the fingertips that we accidentally cut. If the body had not repaired it by their intelligent cells, the robbers would have cut off their fingers once, and no one would ever find them for life. So there is a self-repairing and indelible mark. These smart cells send news all over the body and call for the repairing cells that need to be there. The body’s own memory in any place where it is corrupted and complete with zero error completes. We use this mechanism for rejuvenation, wrinkle treatments and stretching procedures. But for example, this fingerprint is very separate logic. This story is like Magellan’s journey to find out what else is in the world and find a new continent.

What is Magellan and what are its features?

Megellan is a beautiful discovery. It collects intelligent units in our blood, which cell, where and how much it works, forms a focus group. He calls and manages cells by sorting out what we need.