İhlas News Agency – Nükhet Eroğlu | Stay young with Vampire Facelift

Nüket Eroğlu, elastin-collagen amount and fat droplets due to the gravity drop down, loss of bones, due to curl and shrinkage of the face to disrupt the cover, the first choice should be Vampire Facelift, he said.

Nüket Eroğlu, not only the derivative of aging cartilage and bones when we say that a natural youth aimed at the application of a treatment of all these layers of the situation and the right choice was expressed.

Eroğlu said, V Vampire Facelift is the most accurate method that can do without moving away from naturalness, without losing facial expressions, without applying to products such as filling-botox. Hollywood celebrities can’t give up the vampire facelift. The history of Vampire Facelift is a very special and high-tech technology that is obtained by the Magellan closed centrifuge system of its own nourishing blood plasma, concentrated in a concentration of the growth factors of blood stem cells and platelets. This method, called Vampire Facelift, is one of the most natural, most abundant areas of the last period, the most permanent, the most important anti-aging treatments without risk of allergy. Vampire Facelift repairs sagging facial contours and makes a recovery and rejuvenation on the face. Vampire Facelift is used for the production of new blood vessels and elastin-collagen “healing factors bulunan found in their blood for a healthier and younger looking skin. Magellan-related options for Vampire Facelift provide a high platelet growth factor and blood root with a special platelet separator system from its own blood. Platelet Growth Factors stimulate the whole stem for new cell formation in the uninjected state to the face. Thus, the new elastin-collagen, in the new fat, for the formation of new blood cells. Vampire Facelift stimulates baby fibroblasts in the mesenchymal layer of the skin and repairs old elastin collagen fibers. Vampire Facelift is a one-session procedure, effective for a very long time (average 4-5 years).

At the end of the application of Vampire Facelift, skin vitamins, minerals, angi aging products, platelets, dermapen and mesotherapy methods have been developed in the skin and continued with platelets, indicating that the process of skin renewal Eroğlu said, “The skin can cause aging of the Vampire Facelift penetration is provided. The oldest top layer in the volume is replaced. Anti-aging products and vitamins with sagging skin texture and matte appearance. With the treatment of Vampire Facelift, a new, shiny and firmer skin is obtained. Benefits of Vampire Facelift; repair and regeneration of skin tissue begins. Skin sagging is reduced. Skin tone and structure improves. Smooth, youthful & radiant appearance on skin Over time, elastin – collagen and stem cells are increased, resulting in a firmer skin. ”

Vampire Facelift (growth factors of stem cells and platelets derived from their own blood) accelerates the regeneration of the skin, serums and vitamins, and their vitamins, as well as records of the contents of Nüket Eroğlu; Facelift application has very effective and lasting results. Application time 30-40 minutes. One session lasting. The skin regeneration process begins immediately. Humidity and glare application starts to attract attention from the first time. Lifting and recovery effect begins to be seen after 3 weeks, the effect increases for 3 months. Her face becomes younger the other day. The result is permanent for 4-5 years. Vampire Facelift; The entire face and eye area, neck and décolleté region, to be held on the hand. A condition before resting before being treated. The person can continue his daily life. After the application, the solarium and the extremely hot environments such as baths and saunas should be avoided ”.